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Welcome to Art in Chocolate

We are a small company making beautiful tasty treats for chocolate lovers in New Jersey.

About the Bonbons

Each of these bonbons is lovingly made by hand over a 2 to 3 day period, there is creativity and artistry in each part of the process beginning with painting the molds, creating the shells, balancing the ganaches, caramels, pâte de fruit and other fillings and finally the capping and presentation.

It truly is a labor of love, the fresh fillings are made from the finest quality ingredients, including couverture dark, milk and white chocolate, fruit purees and home-made nut pastes, as a result they are designed to be eaten within 10 days of purchase.

Art in Chocolate Selection Box's


Our delicious chocolates are available in presentation boxes of 4, 6, 9 and 12, costing $10, $15, $22.50, $30 + NJ Tax respectively.


We usually have 12 different flavors at a time, these change frequently with each new collection so we can’t guarantee that any one flavor will be available.

Boxes are made up “Chef’s Choice” but please let us know if you have any dislikes or preferences and we will try to accommodate your request.

Summer Collection - 2024 #1


Artisan Chocolate Bars


To Order BonBons and/or Bars - please contact us via email or Instagram Direct Message

Please note, these bonbons and bars may contain nuts, wheat, soy and other allergens.

Custom Orders

We will happily accept custom orders for your celebration or event, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will need at least 4 weeks notice for most custom orders.



“The exquisite bonbons from Art of Chocolate are not only stunning (that shine!) but the quality of the ingredients used and the level of sophistication of the filling combinations makes them equally as delicious. You will not find a better bonbon anywhere.”


“Can highly recommend these chocolates as not only being works of art but DELICIOUS!!!!! Can’t wait until they become available outside of NJ”


“They are incredibly delicious and beautifully crafted. Truly art in chocolate!!!”


“Your chocolates were absolutely delicious!!💕 I had to hide a few from our guests (for us) because they devoured them. ;) They were yummy, beautiful and the perfect “sweet” addition to our event.”


“Not exaggerating, these were the best chocolates I’ve ever eaten. Treat yourself!”


“Absolutely delicious chocolates! Such interesting flavors - the passion fruit ganache are my current favorites - and each one a beautifully, hand-crafted work of art. Don’t hesitate to try these or send to someone as a special gift.”


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About Me

Hi I’m Linda!

As a mother of two with a demanding job, I had no plans to enter the world of chocolate bonbons, but after a friend convinced me to do a course in Spring 2022, I was hooked.

Since then I have continued to develop my skills under the guidance of amazing chocolatiers both on-line and in-person and have obtained my Cottage Operator’s Permit. I delight in creating and providing these beautiful and indulgent artisan chocolates to discerning chocolate lovers in New Jersey.



 Email: linda@artinchocolate.com


Only available in New Jersey at this time. Art in Chocolate, LLC. Linda A Sharland, Mendham NJ 07945, CFO# 1130

This food is prepared pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8.24-11 in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Department of Health.